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Yes, 100 WAN is minimal required to delegate.

This is a period of between 7 – 90 days the selfstake amount of the validator is locked. You as Delegator can withdraw your stake at any time! Just a slight delay ~2 epochs for security reasons. 

An epoch is one protocol cycle, which occurs roughly every two days. Nodes participating in the epoch, lasting 1400 blocks, will be rewarded for their contributions.

This is a small commission fee we charge for our service to the delegators, you can think about server maintenance, future upgrades and educational resources. We’ve set the parameter on 8% currently and maximum 20%. We can only change the fee 1% per 24 hours and can’t exceed the maximum. Of-course if the market circumstances decides that we need to change the fees our delegaters will get to know this early on.

No, you are  in full control. We can’t control any delegated funds. When delegating the funds are locked up in a smart contract signed by you and controlled by you. For more information deep dive into  Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Proof of Stake Technical Deep Dive: Pt. 4

No, if a validator goes dark for a longer time you might loose your projected rewards but not your originally delegated stake, you can stop the delegation and select a different node. 

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