Wooden BlocksIf you are looking for educational toys that are fun, wooden blocks for kids are idea. You don’t always need to get your kids the latest high-tech toys. Sure, they are fun and popular, but often, simple is best, especially for very young children who aren’t ready to use the more difficult toys. Infants and toddlers can really benefit from using them, and not only will they have loads of fun playing with them, they will be learning some very important things that will help them be prepared for their first day of school.

Teach them to Count

You can get those that have numbers, and these are great to help teach little ones how to count. You can even start teaching them basic math skills, such as addition and subtraction. If your kids are very young, you can start out by giving them brightly colored ones. Pass them one at a time, counting each one as you do. Encourage your children to count them with you, and it won’t be long before they know their numbers and are counting all by themselves.

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Get them Into Math

Once your kids know how to count to 10, you can start teaching them more math skills. Even small toddlers are able to learn math, if it is shown to them in the proper manner. Start out by using easy problems. For example, give your child five blocks. Take one away, and ask them how many are left. They will use their counting skills to get the answer, and soon they will understand what you are doing. You can add and subtract them, and make the problems more difficult as your child starts to comprehend more.

Teach them the Alphabet and How to Read

Wooden blocks aren’t just about numbers. You can also get those that have pictures on them, and many have letters. This is a great way to teach your children their ABC’s. After they have learned all of the letters, you can start teaching them how to spell small words, and with any luck, they will be reading in no time, and be very well prepared for starting school. You can make learning to read loads of fun by using them to turn learning into a game. For instance, if you are trying to teach your child to spell, create a fun game where you point to items and see how fast they can spell the names of those items. Use your imagination, and you will find all kinds of ways to educate your children.

You can fill a child’s room with all kinds of toys that may never get played with, or if they are played with, they may not have any educational value. When you use wooden toys, you are giving them toys that they can do all kinds of fun things with, and learn many valuable skills at the same time.

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