Educational BlocksEducational blocks can be more than just a simple toy; they actually teach your child the basics of counting and math, their letters or even more. There are actually no limits to what your child can learn from playing with these especially in the hands of a very creative child. Your child might even use them as things beyond just these if they are very imaginative, learning the valuable skill of substitution and problem solving.

Of course, in the very beginning, thet are nothing more than toys to drop and pick up. They make interesting noises when dropped into boxes, baskets, buckets and pots and pans. They slide on the kitchen floor and roll on the carpeting. As baby gets older, he will start using them differently. He will be able to stack two and then three and then more of them to form a tower that crashes in a dramatic and noisy way. He will learn how to build houses with them. But all the while, he is seeing the words, the letters or numbers and the pictures that are there. The more he has, with the more things printed on them, the better he will be.

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There are some that teach practically anything that you can think of, even the states and their capitals. The basic versions have numbers, letters or a combination plus a picture. Other sets might have a word and then that same word in several other languages. Your child could be learning three other languages while they are playing with theirs and not even realizing that they are actually learning. At this age, they are just thrilled with toys and won’t mind them being educational.

An infant with a set of number cubes will learn how to count faster than his peers but even more, he will be able to learn basic math concepts. Your kids can start kindergarten with a firm grasp of addition and subtraction, putting them way ahead of his classmates. Little ones who play with the letter version can be inspired to learn words to spell, starting with their name and other familiar words and then moving on. They might shock you with their ability to put the letters in order.

A set of these can fill in for things like play food in a pretend kitchen. They can be doll furniture. They can be cars or anything else that they deems them to be. The child is expanding his horizons and imagination and that is just as valuable as any other skill. Educational blocks can continually engage, evolve and teach from the time they are a tiny baby until they are much older.

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